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Standing Rules and Play Guidelines

(Revised:  January 2020)


The objective of these Standing Rules shall be to provide for the orderly and routine conduct of all activities of TRLGA.  The Standing Rules are an adjunct to the By-Laws and shall govern in all matters to which they are applicable and which are not governed by the By-Laws.



Section 1:   Par + Net Double Bogey (2) + handicap strokes a player receives based on their Course handicap.  Maximum score

is calculated 'Hole by Hole'.

     Examples:    Par 3:     3 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score

                          Par 4:     4 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score

                          Par 5:     5 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score    




Section 1.  USGA Rules shall govern all play, unless modified by Local rules or special occasions


Section 2.  Play the ball down everywhere—in the rough and in the fairway.  Play the ball as is without improving your lie.  When there is an exception to this rule, a notice will be posted on the Bulletin Board or an announcement will be made by the Pro Shop.  Hole out putts—there are no “gimmies” given or allowed during weekly or tournament events.


Section 3.  When participating in any event, you must turn in a dated, signed, and attested scorecard with all players’ full names.  Please turn your scorecards into the Pro Shop immediately following play on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Section 4.  All players must post each and every round they play (away, tournament, or home) to establish an accurate and current USGA GHIN handicap.


Players must adjust hole-by-hole scores per rounds.  A scramble round is not eligible to be posted for your handicap as an individual score.


Section 5.  Eagles, Birdies and Chip-ins should be posted on the sheet at the Pro Shop at the end of league play on Monday at Torres Blancas amd Wednesday at Canoa Ranch.  You may only post these on a regular league day.  Posted Eagles, Birdies and Chip-ins are not allowed when playing in a scramble or shamble event.


Section 6.  Sign up for play on Mondays must be before 1 pm on Saturday and sign up for Wednesdays must be before 1 pm on Monday.  If you are unable to play, you must call the Pro Shop at the earliest possible time to cancel.  Players shall report for play at least 20 minutes before their tee time.   Any player not entered in play of the day must follow the field, unless directed otherwise by the Pro Shop.


Section 7.  A guest of a TRLGA member is eligible to play with the member on league days up to three (3) times per year,

but is not eligible to participate in the game because league winnings are only paid quarterly through the Pro Shop.



Section 1.  The Association shall schedule the 'Chili Pepper/Cancer Tournament' the first week in November.  The Tournament Committee has the discretion, with vote of the Executive Committee, to alter the tournament date as necessary for the convenience of the membership.


Section 2. The Association shall have a 36 hole stroke play Club Championship. The dates shall be scheduled thru the Pro Shop at the beginning of each calendar year.


Section 3. Match play shall consist of either Two-Ball Match play or Four-Ball Match play which shall be determined by the Executive Committee annually and shall be scheduled thru the Pro Shop at the beginning of each calendar year.  In Two-Ball Match play, each golfer will play either her net better ball against her opponent’s better ball hole by hole, or in Four-Ball Match play, two golfers will play their better net ball against the net better ball of two other players hole by hole.  The player or players who win the most holes win the match.


Section 4.  Match Play and Club Championship participation is limited to members of TRLGA who have played and posted scores for ten (10) league play days, excluding the days played in Match Play and Club Championship, during the twelve (12) months preceding the tournament.


When the number of participants in an event is limited (i.e. Inter-club), priority will be given to members who have played and posted for ten (10) league play days during the twelve (12) months preceding the event.  An exception may be made if a new person has joined the league by January 1st.  The Executive committee will make the decision if that person will be qualified to play in the Club Championship or Match Play events.


Section 5.   At the discretion of the Tournament Chairman, there will be other tournaments scheduled throughout the year.


Section 6.  Inter-Club play shall be the responsibility of the Inter-Club Chairperson.  Players in Inter-Club must be members of TRLGA



Tournaments:  The President along with the Club Pro and the Tournament Chairperson shall have the authority to cancel or delay play of a Tournament.  This shall be no later than 30 minutes before the first scheduled tee time.  Players are responsible for being at the course and ready to play if they have not received notification from the Association officers regarding cancellation or delay of play.


Competition Days:  It is understood that the Club Pro has the authority to delay or cancel play due to a frost, lightening or other safety issues.  The President has the authority to cancel play for inclement weather on the day of play.  Players are responsible for notifying the Pro Shop before their tee time if they choose not to play.



Section 1.  The Treasurer shall collect, record and deposit all Hole-in-One dues.  Membership in the Hole-in-One Club is optional.


Section 2.  Only a Hole-in-One earned on a regular play day or during a TRLGA sponsored event will qualify.


Section 3.  The Hole-in-One fund will pay $75.00 to a member who has a hole-in-one on a regular play day or a TRLGA sponsored event.



Section 1.  Official USGA handicaps must be established thru either Torres Blancas or Canoa Ranch to be eligible for payouts for regular play days or TRLGA sponsored tournaments.


Section 2.  The maximum handicap allowed for both Torres Blancas and Canoa Ranch shall be “40” for TRLGA daily play and tournament play.


Section 3.  Any valid handicaps not recorded under the GHIN system must be supported by a certified record of scores, dates and course ratings.  In all cases, any lesser number of scores must be supplemented with valid score cards, as outlined for the non-handicapped woman, to equal the required 10 scores.


Section 4.  TRLGA members must renew their handicap before December 31st to be eligible for payouts for regular play days or any TRLGA sponsored tournaments.


A TRLGA member cannot be in the game until they have a valid Arizona handicap.



Section 1.  When playing any par 3 hole at Canoa Ranch or #12 at Torres Blancas, you may proceed to the drop areas if your tee ball enters a penalty area or the desert with a one stroke penalty.


Section 2.   When playing Torres Blancas hole #8, if your ball lands close to the drop off portion of the river bed but not in the red penalty area, for safety purposes you may drop the ball within two club lengths directly lateral toward the middle of the fairway with no penalty.


Section 3.  When playing Canoa Ranch hole #18, if  your ball enters the red penalty area near the red and white pole marker which is approximately 140 yards to the green or closer, you may proceed to the drop area taking a one stroke penalty.  


Section 4.  Maximum Score Hole by Hole.  

A player's score for a hole is based on Par (3,4,5) + Net Double Bogey (2) + handicap strokes a player receives based on their Course

handicap.  To help with pace of play, a player is encouraged to stop playing a hole when her score has reached the maximum on that hole.  When competing in a LOW GROSS or LOW NET game on tournament or play days, the player must finish the hole (not pick up and take her maximum).


      Par 3:     3 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score

      Par 4:     4 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score

      Par 5:     5 + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives = Maximum Hole Score

Section 5. The Executive Committee may choose to designate areas as 'red penalty areas' as deemed appropriate.


Section 6.  Handicap Maximum. 

On tournament and play days, the maximum allowed index at Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas is 40. 

Section 7.  When playing at Canoa Ranch or Torres Blancas, a player may take relief of one club length from animal scat, animal holes, and ant hills with no penalty.

Section 8.  Alternative to Stroke and Distance:  

When a player's ball cannot be found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.

a.   For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original or substituted ball in this relief area. Rule 14.3.                   Estimate where you think your original ball is or where it went out of  bounds and how far it is to the hole.  Imagine a straight

      line running from the hole to where you estimated your ball to be.

b.   Next, go to the edge of the fairway using the same distance from the hole.  Imagine a straight line from that point to the hole.

The relief area you can drop and play from may be quite large.  It is anywhere between these two lines plus two club lengths on either side the same distance to the hole your original ball was estimated to be or farther.

The player MAY NOT use this option when the ball is known or virtually certain to have come to rest in a penalty area, or the player has played another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance.  Rule 18.3.




Section 1.  To be eligible for the Most Improved Golfer Award, a player must have been a member of the Association for a full year.


Section 2.  The Award shall be presented at the closing meeting.  A full year shall be deemed to be November 1 thru October 31st.

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