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Southern District 

Two Day Del Sud Tournament

The Del Sud is a two day ringer tournament sponsored by Arizona Southern District Women's Golf Association. On each hole the golfer gets to take the lower of their two day scores, resulting in a final eighteen hole low net for the two days of play.

2023 Winners

1st Flight - Low Net

  1. Leah Grant 

   2. (tie)   

     Jan Stover

      Mary Miller


2nd Flight - Low Net

  1. Cathy Sumner 

  2. Phyllis Zuehlke

  3. (tie)

      Leslie Sills

      Nioma Karras

Previous Winners

2021  -  Kayann Legg (Flight 1)

              Bonny Folkner (Flight 2)

2020  -  Phyllis Zuehlke (Flight 1)

              Linda Bilstein (Flight 2)

2019  -  Norma Dycus (Flight 1)

             Marcia Harris (Flight 2)

2018  -  Velma Whittier

2017  -  Shirley Gray

2016  -  Twyla Gerdes

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