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Weekly Sign-up Information

(Revised June 2018)


The purpose of this document is to provide a guideline for the administration of the Weekly play day of Torres Ranch Ladies Golf Association.


  1. A player enters her name on the sheet at the Pro Shop desk each week for the following week’s event or can call the Pro Shop and sign up.

  2. A player who signs up to play and does not show for that event shall be a “No Show”.  To avoid this situation, please call the Pro Shop as soon as you know that you cannot play and at least one hour before the present tee time.  Out of respect to fellow players, it is EXPECTED that you cancel in an appropriate time.  Consequences could occur if behavior shows a pattern.

  3. You must sign up by 1:00 pm on Saturday for play on Monday.  You must sign up by 1:00 pm on Monday for play on Wednesday.

  4. Players should be at the club and ready to golf no later than 20 minutes prior to tee time.


Rules of Golf

All members of the Torres/Ranch Ladies Golf Association will play in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and any local rules established by the Torres/Ranch Ladies Golf Association.  It is strongly recommended that each member become familiar with the Rules of Golf.

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