Rules Briefings

Oct. 10, 2021 Briefing

The Desert Rule


- Unmaintained/desert areas are played as extended lateral penalty areas. 
- You may take 2 club lengths of relief measuring from the desert edge of the cart path. 

- If when taking 2 club lengths relief you land on the cart path—proceed under cart path rule for relief.  
- Also applies to opposite side of the fairway where the unmaintained area is defined by the mown edge of the grass. 


Ground Under Repair Bunkers 

- Certain bunkers will be deemed “Ground Under Repair” (GUR)
- These bunkers will be announced prior to each days play. 
- *No penalty for taking relief outside these specific bunkers*
- Some bunkers will be deemed “waste areas” and you will be able to ground your club in these areas with no penalty.
- The bunker on the left side of the fairway on Torres #2 is now a “waste area” grounding your club is permitted.  

Drop Zones

- Drop zone areas are in play on all par 3’s for tee shots NOT clearing the desert or unmaintained penalty areas.  
- Drop 2 club lengths within the drop area signs. 
- *drop zones may be closer to the hole to allow dropping in the grass*

Covid Bunker Temporary Rule 

This rule is no longer in effect.  
Current Rules
- 1 stroke penalty for deeming your ball to be unplayable dropped inside the bunker 
no closer to the hole. 
- 2 stroke penalty for deeming your ball to be unplayable dropped outside the bunker no closer to the hole.  


March 1, 2021 Briefing

  1. When taking free relief from cart paths, ground under repair, including ground disturbed by burrowing or digging animals or casual water you must take nearest point of complete relief.  ( 1 club length)

  2. Virtually certain your ball is in a penalty area but unable to find the ball you are allowed to take relief under rule 17.  (This rule is found on the rule cards for each course)

  3. The bunker covid rule for relief is not to be used just because you don’t like where your ball is in the bunker.  

  4. The concrete area that runs along the river bed at Torres Blancas now is a red hazard.  Follow rule 17 for relief options. 

  5. Reminder to mark your ball on the green.  2 stroke penalty if you hit a ball while putting on the green.


February 1, 2021 Briefing

  1. Cleaning the Ball
    Not Allowed:
    checking for cracks or cuts
    identifying it (unless that is the only way to identify it)
    if cleaning infers with play

    1 stroke penalty if you do any of the above

    If lift clean and replace is in effect for the round it will be announced at the beginning of the round.

  2. Lifting the Ball
    If you lift your ball to identify it, you must mark your ball spot and replace it in it's original spot.
    If ball is buried in the bunker and you need to lift it to identify it, you must recreate the original lie.
    If ball is buried in the rough and you need to lift it to identify it, you must recreate the original lie.

    **You are not allowed to the clean the ball when you are identifying it**

  3. Local Bunkers
    The ball must be played as it lies in the bunker (unless it is in water) then you may take a free drop in a dry area still in the bunker no closer to the hole if possible. The pins can now be removed for putting.

  4. Rules on distance devices with a slope reading
    The slop option must be disabled during league play


  5. Remember to drop from knee height

  6. During league you are only allowed 14 clubs including your putter.