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Bag Lady Tournament

2021 Bag Lady Tournament Winners
Canoa Ranch

First place 

Cindy Nelson

Cathy Sumner

Sandra LeVine


Second place

Barb Hollman

Yolanda Stahl

Mary Miller

Joyce Ramige


Third place 

Velma Whittier

Kayann Legg

Linda Bilstein


2020 Bag Lady Tournament Winners

Canoa Ranch

First place - 124

Dana Barnes

Judy Ellyson 

Kadi Jensen

Linda Blistein


Second place - 126

Carla Ritchie

Cindy Nelson

Renee Kielblock 

Faith Raethner


Third place - 127

Norma Dycus

Karen Hoen

Diane Rinks

Bonny Forkner


Fourth place - 133

Leah Grant

Diane Horgan

Barb Blachly

Cathy sumner


Fifth place - 136

Dale Dotzler

Kathy Wong

Jan Stover

Linda Libby

2019 Bag Lady Tournament Winners

Canoa Ranch

Flight 1

First place - 103           

Lana Archer                         Dale Dotzler                         Jo Palowez                           Carmen Smith  


Second place - 105   

Dana Barnes                         Karen Callen                         Sue Gibson                           Karen Olson                        


Third place - 113   

Anne Boyd                           Mary Gonzalez                     Fran Mais                               Jana Oxenford                    

Flight 2              

First place - 103   

Bonny Forkner

Nioma Karras

Cindy Nelson

Kathy Wong

Second place - 123 (T)   

Dale Cunat

Diane Horgan

Rene Kielblock

Sharon Meyer

Third place - 123 (T)

Barb Blachley

Mary Miller

Mar Stephenson

Dee Streaman

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